SSF has a team of 8 full time members who work closely with our communities to develop new products and manage ground operations. We work actively with a growing team of ‘Skilled Samaritans’ across India, these are professionals, freelancers, dilettantes, people with a passion who want to use their existing skills to add value to the work we do as well as their lives. Ranging from social media experts to professionals in the field of circular design, we are a growing community of Skilled Samaritans. To join us and be part of our community, write to us at

Gauri Gopal Agrawal | Muzaffarnagar/Delhi | Founder and Director

Inspired by the immediate action needed on multiple fronts coupled with her personal frustrations of being surrounded by educated and skilled women in her city who lacked opportunities due to socio-cultural norms,, Gauri Gopal Agrawal founded Skilled Samaritan (SSF) in 2012 after she quit her job as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank.

While SSF’s initial model focused on working with local communities in Northern India to implement solar lighting solutions that impacted 25,000 lives, today the brand creates income opportunities for women to create sustainable and urbane products.

Neeti Gopal | Muzaffarnagar | Operations and Order Management  

Our very first Samaritan, Neeti overlooks operations and order management at Skilled Samaritan. She takes great pride in working with the women artisans from the difficult backgrounds in Muzaffarnagar while also empowering herself and them to be financially independent.

Neeti is also the founder, Gauri’s mother and proves women can do anything at any age. Running a household to a functional brand, her confidence and creativity is infectious.  

Roshni Gurung | Delhi | Design and Supply Chain |
SSF Design Lab                                                         

Roshni manages the design and supply chain at Skilled Samaritan so there’s probably nothing that she doesn’t know about the brand. Her passion for macrame, a knotting technique brought her to the brand, while pursuing her masters in industrial design and being a mum to a 1 year old!

Roshni saw her work come full circle when products she designed made it to the Lakme Fashion Week runway in early 2020. She now leads the ‘Design Lab’ initiative at Skilled Samaritan, a platform where SSF provides customised design services to its clients.  

Shubhangini Prasad | Muzaffarnagar | On Ground Support

An advocate of sustainability and education, Shubhangini has been supporting Skilled Samaritan since she was pursuing her masters in innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Warwick in 2017.

From the city of Muzaffarnagar herself, she manages production, operations and photographs the finished products and behind the scenes you see on our webstore and campaigns. 

Bhavika Surana Bhuwalka | Kolkata | Brand Ambassador

Driven by her passion for a life with purpose, and a believer in the synergy of logic and love, Bhavika, runs a quaint cafe in Kolkata and represents Skilled Samaritan in Kolkata.

She works effortlessly to generate new ideas to create a market in Kolkata and draws strategies of responsible consumption and production patterns via our products and work.

Kaustubh Rastogi | Bangalore | Brand Ambassador

A corporate lawyer and avid traveler, Kaustubh graduated from Gujarat National Law University and holds a strong passion for society change.

Kaustabh has a keen interest in working to help women communities and was stoked to be part of the opportunity to volunteer at Skilled Samaritan where he manages brand presence in Bangalore. 

Yash Bajaj | Mumbai | Website and Tech Management

Our in house web design and development expert, Yash uses his expertise and tech skills to help Skilled Samaritan make a significant impact once all the design and manufacturing work is done. He believes working with SSF has made him realize the true impact technology can bring if the right minds, skills come together.

Saher Alvi | Mumbai | Brand Ambassador

A textile design student at NIFT, Mumbai, Saher has an eye for detail and design and believes in the importance of a voice for issues important to an individual. At Skilled Samaritan, she helps with brand events in Mumbai and hopes to further contribute to design aspects once she graduates.

Dalip Kumar | Delhi | Brand Ambassador

A software engineer by profession, with a focus on society betterment and sustainability, Dalip advocates the values behind recycling, upcycling, landfills degradation and building sustainable products. He represents Skilled Samaritan at events in Delhi

Zeenia Dastur | Sydney | Sustainability and Impact Measurement

Looking to shift focus on her passion for sustainability and impact assessment, Zeenia earned a degree in advertising communications  She is devising metrics and strategies to calculate sustainability and impact at Skilled Samaritan which will help our audience understand the effort and material conversion statistics behind products.

Tasha Dsilva | Bangalore | Brand Communications

Tasha is our newest team member and helps with overall brand communication. A brand strategist by profession, she holds a strong passion for ethical production, sustainability and mindful consumption which led her to join the brand. She helps with the thoughtful language you see across our website and media.

Nishat | Muzaffarnagar | QC and Product Finish

With an always positive attitude and a smile on her face, Nishat enjoys accentuating SSF products with her design ideas. She’s a bundle of joy and adds heart to everything she does, more so since she was initially not allowed to work due to religious norms. Her family turned around eventually to give her an opportunity to pursue her dreams of design at Skilled Samaritan starting with a few hours a day. 

Kapil Yadav | Muzaffarnagar | Finance Manager

With his love for numbers, Kapil manages accounts and finances at Skilled Samaritan. He’s excellent at his job and is taking English lessons to improve his email communication and customer engagement. He is also happier than what he looks into the photo!

Jitender Kashyap | Muzaffarnagar | Operations and Orders

Responsible for inventory and order management on the ground in Muzaffarnagar, Jitender is young, enthusiastic and disciplined with his fitness. He’s also Skilled Samaritan’s very first employee and almost never says no to helping out the brand.