Become a Skilled Samaritan

Skilled Samaritan welcomes talented 'weave artists' who would like to live and work in a rustic setting and design for us. We aim to provide an enriching experience that would include:

  • Accommodation in a 1920's home from the times of British India in a small town in Northern Uttar Pradesh
  • Working in the shires of Northern India's to learn age old forms of weaving 
  • Ideating and implementing your designs for SSF
  • Focusing on sustainable product design using our resources & materials
  • Work closely with our artisans to create a unique product line of products

By becoming a Skilled Samaritan, you could be part of an exclusive initiative that combines our artisans craft techniques with your design sensibilities, and develop new designs and concepts for products traditionally found in rural and urban Indian homes.

We seek artists to who wish to gain experience working in the field using their expertise to provide technical and design inputs to their rural “counterparts”. To know more about this opportunity, write to