Write to us at or call us at 858-786-2557. 


Project Sirohi also offers customization of products by colour, size and design for homes, gardens, events and corporate presents for special occasions. 

Partner with us

As a Section 8, non-profit enterprise, we welcome sponsorships from corporates and individuals to help build our corpus fund for Project Sirohi This money is used to train artisans, run creches, a school and provide health check-ups for our craftsmen. 

Be a Skilled Samaritan

We are always on the look out for aesthetically inspired designers who wish to not only gain hands on experience but want to also help local artisans understand the constant need to develop new products and techniques. 

Other queries

For any further queries or clarifications, please write in to us at

Registered Address:

30, Gazawali, 

Roorkee Road, 

Muzaffarnagar - Uttar Pradesh