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Background The Design Lab found its roots and inspiration from the typical Indian way of sewing clothes. One buys cloth material from a trusted fabric outlet. Then proceeds to approach the tailor for sewing it according to your measurements and additional measures to make it look ‘just right’. We go through this effortful process so that we can finally use the design we’ve envisioned for so long. To be honest, there isn’t a rush of joy that compares to seeing your immaterial idea finally come to fruition. If only you could do that when it came to designing your home. Don’t fret because we are working to bring that same rush of joy, into your spaces and homes.  Introduction The...

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With the COVID Crisis making centralised work spaces almost defunct and bringing about a work from home culture, we have designed a beautiful, functional and sustainable WFH desk that is suited for your spaces. The purchase of these desks provides steady incomes to women from rural communities in Western Uttar Pradesh. Sustainability in furniture design is not limited to the innovative use of materials. To design sustainably, is also to consider our heritage and culture.

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A Veteran of Visionary Furniture, Pierre Jeanneret is one of the most renowned architects in India's post-independence era. Following the ideologies and standards set forth by him, we introduce our range of sustainable charpais, benches, and stools. They have been created for the urban consumer using age-old weaving techniques passed down from generation to generation.

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SSF is actively working in the return of this age-old marvel known as a charpai that simply got lost in time. In doing so, they are also helping you reduce your carbon footprint by consuming responsibly. What’s better is that they’re doing all this while generating employment for women who never saw a life beyond household chores, a chance to break barriers and bring about socio-economic change in their everyday life and that of their children.

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We’ve decided to showcase a couple of our most charming products! SSF brings to you the first ever post of the ‘Chair Affair’.  Besides a quick introduction to our mission for sustainability, we’re also giving you a peek into the production processes and materials we use. Most importantly, we will be sharing with you the massive environmental impact our products have and give you a chance to make similar ones for your Mother Earth.

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