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MISSION 50,000 by 2025

Skilled Samaritan works with women from villages that are tucked away in the interiors of Muzaffarnagar District , a city that has often been described as the 'crime capital' of India. These communities are governed by age old customs that include child marriage, financial dependency and suffered from lack of opportunities plus social practises that prevented the women from working. While we cannot break the rules, we are here to bend them!

SSF has spent time understanding existing skill-sets and is leveraging them to revive an age old form of weaving by creating employment for hundreds and eventually millions of women from Northern India.



Most of our products are made from residual sheets of plastic /cloth waste, that are intertwined into colourful ropes. 


We combine cosmopolitan designs with an age old form of weaving to create products for contemporary spaces.

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We work with rural artisans from the interiors of Northern India to bring their products to the global market.