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Project Sirohi is an initiative by the Skilled Samaritan Foundation (SSF), named after village Sirohi in Haryana, India, where we work closely with women of all ages, castes and creed so they can learn and earn. We equip them with not only the required skill-set and design sensibilities to create beautiful products, but also confidence, the ability to fend for themselves physically and monetarily.


Steeped in history and age-old traditions, Sirohi is an arcadian village surrounded by dramatic magnificent scenery and artificial lakes, located amidst the Aravali hills of Haryana. The dreamy lakes, the fragrance of wild herbs, and the slow crash of the Aravalis have all combined for a romantic aura in the village that have paved way for a unique sense of creativity amidst the locals. With a population of almost 3500 individuals living in 370 homes, Sirohi was a hidden charm that Skilled Samaritan put on the map 2 years ago when it lit the village with solar lights and has now joined hands with the locals to design and develop products for an urbane home. 


Pulled out of school at the age of 8 because her father was afraid she would get bullied/raped by young boys/men inside and outside the classroom; married at the age of 14, where we saw her cry and beg her father like the little girl that she was, to not get her married. Pregnant at the age of 15 with her first born, where her husband and his family refused to take her to a private hospital because they did not want to foot the bill. Abandoned at the government hospital, where her father rescued her and her baby and brought them back home to Sirohi. The story gets better!

The narrative of the picturesque village of Sirohi and the stories of some of its residents is contradictory. We have witnessed the child marriages of some of these young muslim girls, and have stood there with our hands tied, but we have our strategy in place and we’re ready to bring about some serious change. Yes, we cannot change age old traditions and we cannot break the rules, but we’re here to bend them.

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Sirohi, Faridabad

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