Handicrafts Internship

Skilled Samaritan Foundation is offering internships to help develop market led rural livelihoods and micro enterprises based on the local fibres and waste materials used by the community at Sirohi , a village 40 Kms from Delhi. The initiative involves working with artisans in the women in Sirohi while understanding the importance of Natural Fibre/Waste materials as a fashionable choice and its potential in transforming the status of many rural communities.

The Program 

Canvassing Mahatama Gandhi’s campaign for promoting humble handspun  “Khadi” , we have created a unique program to introduce Natural Fibres as a compelling tool for profitable sustainability of the local artisans in these villages. We believe that this is a natural choice that has the potential to change the status of these rural communities through reinventing styles and introducing new techniques to master their craft. 

Through this programme we aim to tie up with design institutes and designers where they provide basic skill training in natural fibre skills such as mat weaving , basket making using their  artistic and technical understanding of the craft . We seek artists to who wish to gain experience working in the field using their expertise to provide technical and design inputs to their rural based “counterparts”. 

 The following local fibres are commonly used in fashioning products for domestic  use of the locals at Sirohi, which you will familiarise yourself with during your  internship. 

Scientific Name 

Local Name 

Traditional Use 

Saccharum Bengalenese


Leaf sheath used for making ropes and baskets 

Sterculia Villosa


Leaf Sheath used for making baskets

Lantana Camara


Twigs & Stems used for making baskets 

Bamboo Bambusa


Stems used in constructing houses, fences & other household items


Stem used for making durable mats

The women of these areas seek to adopt simple but inspiring technologies and design to speed up productivity and become adept in a craft native to their region. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Some of activities you will be engaged in during your internship although these are subject to change 

  1. Lay the Foundation for environmentally friendly cottage industry handicrafts based on locally sourced natural fibres and waste materials
  2. Create a structured program for organizing the women to make these products 
  3. Visit the village atleast twice a week to monitor activities and maintain quality control checks 
  4. Create a roster of women and an inventory management spreadsheet for raw materials 
  5. Design development Workshops conducted by the interns for the artisans
  6. Training to Master Craftsmen in various skills of making charpoys and baskets 
  7. Income generation of the community by capacity building to make and market handicrafts acceptable by a urbane consumer 
  8. Group exercises to create a Plan of Sustainability for the local Artisans
  9. The intern will be required to visit the village atleast twice a week to supervise the women and structure the program .

Through this hands on learning experience this placement will help you equip your arsenal with the following tangible and intangibles. Additionally the placement gives you the responsibility to help the local artisans understand the constant need to develop new products and techniques where they complete globally and with mass-produced products within the home market. Moreover, it gives them an opportunity to showcase their designs at exhibitions held at the National Level as well create connectivity from villages to the Metropolis while creating sustainable livelihoods. 

Project Snapshot


Sirohi, Faridabad

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