We take you on a walk to meet and work with some of our craftsmen and women to gain a glimpse into how they produce their exciting products. Whats more – you get to learn to make your own fibre basket or even weave a gemmed charpoy to take back home. Participants in this special weekend workshop will additionally have an opportunity to make their own charpoys and baskets using natural fiber waste materials found in the region. These include wrappers of Gems, Maentoes, Garnier and many more where you can choose how you wish to adorn your basket or charpoy. The womenfolk in the village will teach you how to weave these fibers onto a wooden or bamboo charpoy frame to create a sturdy and colourfully vibrant addition to your living room furniture. The weaving workshop will also include a break for lunch featuring a delicious locally prepared meal of lentils, vegetable (sabzi), roti (bread), and rice.

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Around New Delhi

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INR 1500/- ; Every Saturday & Sunday ; 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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