Early Morning Jaunt

We have a devised a walking trail that makes its way through rolling farm country, tiny villages and a picturesque mountain view. Our trekkers walk from an earthen track to concrete roads up to the ancient Kot village atop the Gandharva Hills past the under water streams. A specially designed winter trek that allows you a getaway from your hectic life to the slow paced one of the rural communities in Northern India. The sun, the fragrance of wild herbs, and the slow crash of the Aravalis all combine for a romantic aura that will soften even the most unsentimental of cynics. It’s a celebration of the landscape that captured our imagination and fueled an environmental philosophy where we aim to keep the place free of developers keeping the sanctity of the place intact. Our past trekkers consider it a serene and tranquil place away from the clamor of city life – the stuff a quintessential weekend escape is made of. A the scenic walk in the intimate ambiance of a traditional Indian village – we will be savoring the locally cooked cuisine – usually lentils , a vegetable( sabzi)accompanied with rice and roti. Come join us for a great way of experiencing Northern India’s unique tucked away countryside, history and language.

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Around New Delhi

Fee and Dates

INR 1500/- ; Every Saturday & Sunday ; 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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