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As part of our on-going Projects, we aim to give you an exciting opportunity to get your hands dirty with the locals at Sirohi. Learn and Create Floating Island Solar Cookstoves Paint the houses of the locals Pot-in-Pot Refrigeration Please visit the Projects Page for details of the programs listed above. We organize workshops for Corporates as part of their CSR initiatives , and also cater to schools who would like for their students to participate in fun and developmental activities. We understand the conflict. There exist ambitions, urban hurdles, traffic jams, and responsibilities to cater to in our daily lives. Even with the chaos of our city lives, we harbour dreams and passions. The Skilled Samaritan provides you with the opportunity to find attainable and environmentally sustainable experiences - you can leave the city for a small amount of time and literally get your hands dirty with a meaningful project. The aim is to allow you to realize your dreams of seeing yourself in a new light, and figuring out how you can be of help to a different place – chop vegetables with the villagers to cook your meal and milk the cows for your post lunch chai, paint classrooms and engage in development activities that redefine volunteering These projects are usually conducted as part of a group excursion depending on the day we are organizing one or if you are a group of 7 or more individuals, we will be happy to organize an exclusive workshop for you.

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Around New Delhi

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INR 1500/- ; Every Saturday & Sunday ; 3:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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