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Having implemented the solar electrification project at Sirohi, with great success. Skilled Samaritan has turned to the neighboring village of Khoiri to be the next recipient of this initiative. However given the heterogeneous nature of India, with each village having its own characteristics, quirks and needs, simply replicating the project carried out at Sirohi would not work. Accordingly at Khoiri , as the first step, a pilot installation of a 100 Watt solar panel to be shared by a cluster of 4 houses was proposed and the SSF, on 27th July proceeded to conduct a needs assessment survey of Khoiri.

Needs Assessment The Day began with a mobilization of the local community representatives where the Samaritans explained the solar electrification initiative and sought to understand the specific energy requirements of the village. Following the discussion, the team split in two, one group went into Khoiri, to select the 4 house cluster for the pilot while another group headed back to Sirohi to sort out a few issues regarding the existing project there.

After a brief rest, the team moved in to conduct focused surveys at each house of the selected cluster. Despite not being able to spend enough time with each family & a few other problems, the Samaritans managed to devise an acceptable model for the households having understood their needs & means and departed for Delhi with a day well spent & a job well done.

Implementation On the 9th of August 2014, a team from Solar Universe and Skilled Samaritan, installed the first 100 wsolar panel of Khoiri. As decided previously during the needs assessment survey of the village, this 100 Watt panel will provide electricity to a cluster of four houses.

Having already zeroed in on the houses which would be a part of the pilot the team wasted no time in getting to work. The job involved setting up the solar panel and battery in the central house and then installing the wire connections to each of the houses. The team's hard work coupled with the help from the locals ensured that the work proceeded smoothly with minimal hitches. Apart from the installation the team also took time to explain the system and answer any questions which the locals had.

The first solar powered light lit up in the central house at 1:30 PM, to the delight of all present and the connection to the other houses was completed soon after.

This visit marked an important day for both the project as well as the samaritans, with the experience best described in the words of a team member - "to give back to society even if in this small capacity, felt really good".

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