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Skilled Samaritan is extremely excited to partner with SunOven India, where we conducted a pilot project to test the design of the product and understand the interest of the community in the Solar Cooking Ovens. The Problem Indoor air pollution caused by cookstoves, is one of the top five health risks in developing countries. Indoor smoke from coal, wood or dung ranks ahead of unsafe water as a cause of death in low-income countries. Almost 2 million deaths a year are caused by cooking smoke. The toxic emissions from these cooking fires cause low birth weights, pneumonia in young children, and heart and lung problems in adults. Clean and efficient household cooking solutions saves lives and combats air pollution. The women at Sirohi, as elsewhere in rural India spend almost 5-6 hours everyday walking to the forest to collect wood for cooking. These treks often lead them past neighboring villages exposing them to the dangers of theft and rape. Once returning from the journey, they spend more hours cooking over Chulhas that emit the harmful smoke mentioned above. Furthermore, the opportunity cost of hours lost in collecting wood and cooking is hours lost of productivity in earning livelihood through engaging in handicraft projects during that time. Looking at the bigger picture, the use of fuelwood also causes devastating effects on the local environment. Deforestation increases the risk of landslides and avalanches, interrupts parts of the delicate water cycle, strengthens floods and droughts, releases more carbon, and depletes oxygen. The Solution Through the introduction of these Solar Ovens, we aim to reduce health hazards to these women while simultaneously increasing their income and healing the environment. We have placed sun ovens at a few homes at Sirohi to generate interest and for field testing. Regular visits to Sirohi within the last few months have helped understand the community's reaction to the product and we are now devising a strategy to provide these in the 300+ houses at Sirohi. Although the solar cookers work best when the sun is high in the sky and have proved work most effectively between the months of April- mid July, we aim to replace these cookers with the existing cooking technology at the village. For all social enterprises who wish to test run and conduct a pilot for their Solar cooking technology at our project site. Please contact us at

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