We offer internships to help develop market led rural livelihoods and micro enterprises based on the local fibers used by the Tharu Community. The initiative involves working with artisans in the Tharu forest fringe villages of Uttar Pradesh while understanding the importance of Natural Fibers as a fashionable choice and its potential in transforming the status of many rural communities. Through these internships we will help synthesize traditional cultures keeping the crafts of the Tharu villages intact fostering a balanced environment for the artisans. Furthermore, in order to catalyze fundamental change we hope that our internship programmes will actually help the poor artisans maintain sustainable livelihoods working simultaneously to nurture self sufficiency, health, income generation, community and personal empowerment.

Canvassing Mahatama Gandhi’s campaign for promoting humble handspun “Khadi” , we have created a unique program to introduce Natural Fibers and waste materials as a compelling tool for profitable sustainability for the local women at Sirohi, a village 40 Kms from Delhi in India.

We believe that this is a natural choice that has the potential to change the status of these rural communities, through reinventing styles and introducing new techniques to master their craft.

At Skilled Samaritan, we have taken a jab at designing some products at the village including small and medium sized coloured charpoys made from used candy wrappers

We aim to give modern homes a funky style boost with our candied charpoys that are woven using waste and recyclable materials. Not leaving a “crafty” stoned unturned we got the women at Sirohi to use their original weaving techniques to give this quirky project a whirl using coirs made from candy wrappers and bamboo. Using wrappers of Gems , Mentos , Garnier & Nice biscuits and a lot more we will have these charpoys looking all yummy to adorn terraces and living rooms

We currently have 3 sizes and you can choose from 7 different colors - Mentos Orange , Gems Blue , Nice Biscuit Yellow , Garnier Green , Silver and Whitman;s Chocolate Gold ,and cotton coir blue with blue or green sparkles .

  • Small : 2*2 Feet
  • Medium : 4*2 Feet
  • Large : 5*3 Feet

We would love to cater to an International market and collaborate with an organization that can give the women at Sirohi a platform to market products so they can generate a sustainable source of income for themselves.

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