Solar Light Internship

As part of our initiative to light up schools, homes or entire villages, we put together teams of volunteers to work with us to devise and create a solar system models to install and help maintain small and medium-sized solar systems. We have discovered a growing need for such systems at Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The internship will focus on further exploring the market, by spreading information on the use of solar systems and identifying the needs in the market. If you are a group of 5 of more students who would like hands on experience working in the field, we would love to hear from you.

Project Aim

The aim of the internship would be to develop low cost solar systems for consumers, where our customised system will replace high-cost, inefficient energy services from kerosene and dry-cell batteries with efficient, clean, and low-cost electric power. The focus will be to develop a financial model so that the locals to pay for the systems either a pay you go model or through a monthly ‘Energy Charge’ that be levied on them. By increasing transparency to households, improving management for entrepreneurs and decreasing costs for both, this system promises to create a truly profitable, convenient and thus economically sustainable and scalable electricity businesses model for underserved rural communities throughout the developing world.

The internship program will focus on - Conducting Needs Assessment surveys to understand the energy needs of these villages
- How are they served at this moment?
- What should be the best possible solution to their existing energy needs
- Develop a financial model based on the current income levels and method of ‘Energy Charge’ Collection
- Fundraise for the project through Crowdfunding Platform and connecting with Corporates
- Work with our in-house vendor to develop a customised mini/medium solar system for each village
- Set up a Village Energy Committee to collect monthly energy charge from the locals for maintenance of the systems
- Implementation of the systems
- Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan for sustainability

Our ideal candidates does not need to a student of Sustainable Development studies, but someone who is motivated, a go getter and wants to be part of a team that is striving to change lives. The ideal candidates will have good research and writing skills and enjoy working on a team and have the flexibility to travel.

Relevant Information

Schedule and Dates: We are flexible on Dates depending on volunteers’ availability
Duration: Minimum 4 weeks, Maximum 6 weeks
Remuneration: SSF only reimburses interns for travel to project sites and expects them to actively fund raise to help us fund the implementation costs. In addition we also provide basic accommodation and food at the project site for our volunteers
Location: Varies from project site
No of Students: Min 6, Maximum 10
Case Study: We encourage students to collate date and information to draft a report on the project undertaken that can be used as reference material for other projects or for evaluation of the project by faculty at your institute. If you have more questions related to this initiative, please email us at