The Skilled Samaritan Foundation was incorporated in 2012; a social enterprise registered as a Section 25 company under the companies Act of 1956. We aim to bring individuals and community into a larger dialogue by matching volunteers to projects and opportunities within the social contexts of environment, clean energy, education, and economics. We currently work at an Arcadian village called Sirohi, which is 40 Kms from Delhi. Skilled Samaritan within a year of incorporation has notched up mini-successes, where our biggest win has been the Rural Solar Electrification Project: a collaborative initiative between Engineers Without Borders (India), Bechtel Corporation, Students at National Training and Power Institute. The project will be conducted in three phases over a period of six months. 200 of the 366 houses have been electrified in the first phase and second phase. Come September 2013 and the remaining 166 households will also have access to reliable power.

Our Solar Lighting project has gained much recognition over the past few months where we were recently covered in India’s leading Newspapers, Magazines and News Channels. To name a Few:The Hindu, Business Standard, Tehelka, Times Now.


Our core project consists of "Monks who sold their ferraris" after working in the Corporate space for a couple of years and are dedicated change-makers. We hold our graduate degrees from the most reputed institutions in the world including Indian Institute of Technology and Warwick Business School in England. Leveraging our educational and professional backgrounds, we meld all our passions to support social entrepreneurship and grassroot initiatives in India. Having implemented solar lights at a village within less than a year of incorporation, we are excited to work at the intersection of technology and development to help villages across India.


As a social enterprise, we operate using a business and entrepreneurial approach to address social issues to create positive community change. Our Financial Model is one of income generation where we re-invest profits for social change instead of redistributing them.

1.Developmental Projects at Sirohi Skilled Samaritan Foundation has created an interactive program for Corporates to engage their employees in hands on experiences away from the four walls of a cabin and from their 9-5 regimes. As part of their CSR initiatives, we invite Corporates to participate in an engaging program to “Adopt an island”, where their employees will be part of an exciting team building exercise to build Floating Islands at Sirohi, a village 40 Kilometers from Delhi.

2.Recuperating from Corporatism We understand the conflict. There exist ambitions, urban hurdles, traffic jams, and responsibilities to cater to in our daily lives. Even with the chaos of our city lives, we harbour dreams and passions. This is an initiative where we hope to introduce time-offs to the frenzied lifestyle of a 9-5 urbane regime. Visit our Reaching Out Page for details of exciting itineries that offer employees a getaway from the four walls of their cabins and be part of excursions that work as off-sites and team building jaunts.


As part of our Business and Financial Model we do NOT rely on grants and donations and believe in voluntary and actual participation to earn funds for our projects. Therefore, we have devised exciting and customized itineraries for employees to getaway from the monotony of their 9-5 regimes and be part of these jaunts. We are eager to share our experience with your company and work with you to improve and engage our local communities. In this spirit, we invite you to join us in these employee and community engagement tactics, strategies, successes, challenges, and opportunities. This is program to engage employees to participate above and beyond their regular job responsibilities to drive employee engagement in our community projects through actual participation.

If you wish to be a part, please do write to us :