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NGO Partnerships

The Skilled Samaritan is proud to partner with some of the most reputed NGOs in India and an expanding network abroad. It is a consortium of organizations that have a proven track record and maintain the highest standards for excellence in serving the communities they work with. We are constantly striving to expand our network to promote international volunteering while strengthening the altruistic communities to fulfill the vision of an inclusive society.

We aim to galvanize the power of people and organizations by forming relationships that are mutually beneficial, thereby employing our combined forces to provide quality life across the globe. Considering The Samaritans are continuously looking to rise to a challenge, we are continuously looking for projects that will excite our volunteers.

Please contact us to post your projects.

University Partnerships 

Perhaps the most driven, ambitious, and idealistic demographic of people are students. The future of our new lives rests on their impressions of the world we exist in and allowing them to be exposed to new facets and paradigms which our world operates on, is vital to making positive impact on our world .Skilled Samaritans is committed to creating quarterly and annual programs in partnership with academic institutions and international organizations by developing the curriculum as well as creating practical learning opportunities for students and learners, and researchers.

Through these partnerships we seek to design projects at the local and national level that encourage understanding of sustainable community development. In doing so, we hope to create an awareness of the importance of engaging students with real world problems.

These projects will support small teams of students from various universities to work with our community collaborators in the field for duration decided by the project coordinator in agreement with the university or institution. We also encourage universities that may provide these students college or academic credits in lieu of an actual class.

If your organization or university would like to create unique projects for your students, please contact us for further information.

Corporate Partnership

With our corporate partnerships we seek to create a mutually beneficial experience for the company, the individual and the larger community .Combining hands-on experience by overcoming challenging problems in the field will significantly upgrade the functional skills of individuals, thus creating a pool of talent for future employment opportunities.

We support corporations that see the value of their employees furthering their communication skills, contributing to social issues, and becoming multi-faceted innovators of our time.

Our partnership intent includes sponsoring competent individuals that wish to work on sizeable projects or providing financial funding for our ongoing projects. Please contact us for information on how to sponsor a Skilled Samaritan.