Walk With Us

We understand the conflict. There exist ambitions, urban hurdles, traffic jams, and responsibilities to cater to in our daily lives. Even with the chaos of our city lives, we harbour dreams and passions. The Skilled Samaritan provides you with the opportunity to find attainable and environmentally sustainable experiences - you can leave the city for a small amount of time and literally get your hands dirty with a meaningful project.

This is an initiative where we hope to introduce time-offs to the frenzied lifestyle of a 9-5 urbane regime. Many of us often leap into making futuristic plans without evaluating the possibilities of making those fancies come alive. Skilled Samaritan aims to offer attainable and pleasurable experiences where you can restore your enthusiasm and zest for life through short trips and experiences.

The aim is to allow you to realize your dreams of seeing yourself in a new light, and figuring out how you can be of help to a different place – trek through the village of Sirohi , chop vegetables with the villagers to cook your meal and milk the cows for your post lunch chai, paint classrooms and engage in development activities that redefine volunteering .