Social Innovation Lab

Skilled Samaritan within a year of incorporation has notched up mini-successes, where our biggest win has been the Rural Solar Electrification Project: a collaborative initiative between Engineers Without Borders (India), Bechtel Corporation, Students at National Training and Power Institute. In the October of 2013, we completed the project where 366 houses at village Sirohi, Faridabad (Haryana) have access to reliable solar power.

We are now successfully running a pilots in various schools and villages in Uttar Pradesh to beta test the effectiveness of a 100w Solar panel using Sun Saluters (a gravity powered device that helps solar panels follow the sun). This project is being conducted in collaboration with Solar Universe India and Sun Saluter.

In our pursuit to further the well-being of rural communities, Skilled Samaritan has created a ‘Hub for Piloting Innovations’ at our partner villages in Faridabad, Haryana. Such a hub is envisioned to provide an organizational set up for diverse innovators - academia, research and social enterprises to carry out research and to beta test their products in these communities to bring positive social outcomes through gradual interventions.

Project Aim

Skilled Samaritan has spent months building a relationship of trust and confidence with the communities of Faridabad, Haryana . Our partners at the village want to work towards positive change and are willing to work with us (and not for us) to take ownership of projects that will bring about a measurable impact in their lives. We work with our communities to test your pilot at the ground level to assess the impact through survey tools and regular follow ups. Samaritan Samaritan will help conduct Pilot Projects to test and measure, and to explore a new approach to your innovation in order to further refine requirements and identify any gaps before full implementation can take place on a larger scale. You could be a company pilot testing your Solar Cooker in an Indian setting or a Solar Panel manufacturer beta testing your product for a community with limited access to electricity. Send us an email at contact@skilledsamaritan for more details on this initiative.