What We Do?

Using Low cost Solutions to create a high impact

If you think you can help Build a Low Cost Solar Lanterns , Construct a Bamboo Cycles , a Low Emission Cook Stove and or help with other innovative ways to sustain the lives of these villagers, this is the program that will surely tickle your fancy.

A model of responsible eco-tourism where we organize day off beat day excursions to the village.

As part of Skilled Samaritans Reaching Out Program, we use the arcadian beauty of our project site to organize off-beat excursions to our project site, a village 40 kms from Delhi. This is an initiative where we hope to introduce time-offs to the frenzied lifestyle of a 9-5 urbane regime - for city hustlers to getaway from the city for a day and be part of the simple yet beautiful village life of Sirohi.

Providing Students with an experiential learning experience by placing them in one of projects

The Skilled Samaritan is an effective and diverse resource for students, researchers, and other academicians to find fieldwork that will best inform their thesis or research work or just a getaway from the classroom. Whether you are an institution, University, or a student from one, The Skilled Samaritan will help you find the right project which will serve as a catalyst in building your career while gaining hands on learning through these experiences Projects are independent of your degree and cater to your aptitude: we place students, professionals, Retirees , those on sabbaticals or career breaks as well as Researchers. This is a placement for anyone looking at getting away from the monotony of their customary lives, to be part of an program that helps gives back to society coupled with a joyful learning experience.

Recuperating from Corporatism

The Skilled Samaritan Foundation offers you a new exciting opportunity to combine your CSR and Team Building activities into a challenging day out that leaves a lasting legacy for the villagers of Sirohi. We have created an interactive program for Corporates to engage their employees in hands on experiences away from the four walls of a cabin and from their 9-5 regimes. As part of their CSR initiatives, we invite Corporates to participate in an engaging program to “adopt an island”, where their employees will be part of an exciting team building exercise to build Floating Islands at Sirohi.