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We aim to solve the pressing problems of rural communities by implementing innovative and scalable solutions with sustainable impact.

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Project Sirohi

The Project Sirohi aims to enhance Local Capacity to address issues in Education, Women Empowerment, Healthcare, Renewable Technologies and Sanitation in Village Sirohi. Read more.

Rural Solar Electrification

The solar Electrification Project at Sirohi is a collaborative initiative to implement solar lights in Sirohi and nearby villages. The project has been successfully implemented for 366 households.Read more.

Clean Rivers Project

Reah how the Skilled Samaritan Foundation and partners plan to clean the area surrounding the village of Sirohi. Read more.

Featured Projects

Social Innovation Lab

Skilled Samaritan has created a ‘Hub for Piloting Innovations’ at our partner villages in Faridabad, Haryana allowing for diverse innovators to carry out research and test their products in these communities.Details

My Own Samaritan

It was Buddha who said, “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Read more